The Guts of the Neuroscientist

With Eveline Crone



The Guts of the Neuroscientist

What is intuition? And how can gut feelings influence science? Known for her extensive research into adolescent brain development, neuroscientist Eveline Crone proposes that intuition is an aspect of the mind worth studying and embracing. In her scientific career, her own gut feelings have often led the way to new insights.


In The Guts of the Neuroscientist, Crone takes us on a journey through an abstract landscape of morphing white lines as she contemplates the development and the future of neuroscience.


Eveline Crone
Hester Overmars
14 min
Portret van Eveline Crone


Eveline Crone

Eveline Crone (1975) researches the development of the adolescent brain. She has shown that pleasure and rewards systems develop much faster than those parts of the brain that are important for impulse control and long-term planning. Using both fMRI-scans and qualitative research, Crone charts how the adolescent brain develops in areas such as self-image, risk-taking, friendship, exclusion and creativity.

Crone is professor of Developmental Neuroscience in Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has written several books, including Het puberende brein (2012) and The Adolescent Brain: Changes in learning, decision-making and social relations (2016). She has won several awards, including the Ammodo Science Award (2017) and the Spinoza Grant (2017).

The adolescent brain

How do adolescents develop into individuals who contribute to society? Which circumstances are helpful and which are not? Led by Eveline Crone, the Erasmus University SYNC lab investigates the dynamic development of the adolescent brain. The lab collaborates with youth panels, schools and co-creation teams to understand how young people become engaged citizens.