About us

Ammodo Docs is a series of artistic shorts about original minds. Renowned Dutch filmmakers challenge you to see the world through the eyes of pioneers in the arts and science.

By releasing new films each year, Ammodo Docs works to build a growing, publicly accessible collection of documentaries about diverse contemporary challenges.

Ammodo Docs expands your worldview in just fifteen minutes per film.

Forward-thinking films.


  • Portret Carin Goeijers

    Carin Goeijers

    In Between Realities


    Carin Goeijers (1967) is an independent documentary director from the Netherlands. Cinematic form plays an important role in her inventive way of storytelling. Her films have screened at several leading international filmfestivals including IDFA 2018, where her film But Now Is Perfect won a Special Jury Award for Best Dutch Documentary.

  • Portret Sjors Swierstra

    Sjors Swierstra

    Dimension of Absence


    As a curator and director, Sjors Swierstra (1982) develops projects in the fields of film, photography, and modern art. His documentary The World According to Monsieur Khiar was nominated for a Golden Calf and the Prix Europa. Het Voorval (The Incident) – The myth of Armando was released in cinemas in 2018 and broadcast by NTR.

  • Portret Marleine van der Werf

    Marleine van der Werf

    The Underground Astronaut


    Marleine van der Werf (1985) is a filmmaker/ artistic researcher with a documentary practice. In her films and multi-sensory installations she collaborates with scientists. Her projects have been shown at IDFA, Future of storytelling NY and Art Basel. In 2018 she won the Next Talent award and in 2019 she was selected as a European Talent for Science Media. In 2021 she became a Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program Grantee.

  • Portret Hester Overmars

    Hester Overmars

    The Guts of the Neuroscientist


    Hester Overmars (1971) is a documentary filmmaker known for The Neverending Quartet (2020), among other films. She was nominated for a Golden Calf in 2007 for her short film Martha Vonk goes to Istanbul and in 2015 Hester won the Golden Calf for her short Verboden Vlucht. Her films screened at various international festivals. She studied History at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • Portret Floris-Jan van Luyn

    Floris-Jan van Luyn

    Eyes Wide Open


    Floris-Jan van Luyn (1967) is a filmmaker and writer, known for films such as The Bastard (2018), nominated for a Golden Calf, and The Rainmakers (2010), which won awards at several international festivals. Before establishing himself as an independent filmmaker in 2004 he studied history and Chinese after which he worked for the NRC as a China correspondent, editor and columnist.

  • Portret Renko Douze

    Renko Douze

    Moving Mountains


    Renko Douze (1986) is a producer and filmmaker who in 2011 founded the production company Een van de jongens together with Hasse van Nunen. Douze has worked as a writer, director and editor for documentary films and series such as the children’s programme Het Klokhuis. He is an avid mountaineer, which proved useful during the filming of Moving Mountains.

Team Ammodo Docs

  • Portret Maartje Bakers

    Maartje Bakers

    Maartje Bakers is the Programme Expert for documentaries at Ammodo. She is a documentary filmmaker herself and co-produced several documentaries with NPO as an independent producer. She worked for 19 years as a teacher of scenario and documentary direction at the University of the Arts in Utrecht.

  • Portret Oda Barten

    Oda Barten

    Oda Barten is the Director of Ammodo Docs, and she is also Deputy Director of the Ammodo Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting art, architecture and science. In addition to her work for the Ammodo Docs project, Oda Barten is also responsible for Ammodo’s science programme.

  • Portret India Rose Klap

    India Rose Klap

    India Rose Klap is Junior Associate at Ammodo Docs. In addition to her work at Ammodo Docs, India Rose is also a programme maker and designer at Elixer, a hospitality venue and cultural hub located in Amsterdam Zuidoost. She studied Film and Media Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (Belgium).