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  • marjoleine boonstra

    Marjoleine Boonstra

    Pierre Audi in Three Acts


    Marjoleine Boonstra is a Dutch director and D.O.P with over 25 years of experience. Her documentaries always revolve around the theme: what keeps mankind alive. Her documentaries are screened at film festivals all over the world and have been awarded many times. She combines a poetic visual approach with a compassionate view on the world, which make her documentaries striking and touching.

  • Renko Douze

    Walter Immerzeel in Moving Mountains


    Renko Douze (1986) is a producer and filmmaker who in 2011 founded the production company Een van de jongens together with Hasse van Nunen. Douze has worked as a writer, director and editor for documentary films and series such as the children’s programme Het Klokhuis. He is an avid mountaineer, which proved useful during the filming of Moving Mountains.


  • Portret Carin Goeijers

    Carin Goeijers

    Michel van der Aa in In Between Realities


    Carin Goeijers (1967) is an independent documentary director from the Netherlands. Cinematic form plays an important role in her inventive way of storytelling. Her films have screened at several leading international filmfestivals including IDFA 2018, where her film But Now Is Perfect won a Special Jury Award for Best Dutch Documentary.

  • sara kolster

    Sara Kolster

    Stephanie Wehner in Moonshot Mission


    Sara Kolster is a director and visual designer. She makes films, animations, podcasts and interactive stories in a wide range of media. In 2023 ‘Dead as a Dodo’ was nominated for best youth series at the Cinekid festival. Award winning online animation ‘Why Don’t You Leave?’ was published in 2022 and her short film ‘To the Moon and Back’ premiered at IDFA in 2019. The celebrated ‘When I Was Five’ was released 2017. As an independent filmmaker she realised interactive stories such as the award-winning ‘Virtual Reality Drawing Room’, web documentary ‘Love Radio’, and interactive video ‘Hidden Wounds’.

  • Portret Floris-Jan van Luyn

    Floris-Jan van Luyn

    Nicole Beutler in Eyes Wide Open


    Floris-Jan van Luyn (1967) is a filmmaker and writer, known for films such as The Bastard (2018), nominated for a Golden Calf, and The Rainmakers (2010), which won awards at several international festivals. Before establishing himself as an independent filmmaker in 2004 he studied history and Chinese after which he worked for the NRC as a China correspondent, editor and columnist.

  • marina meijer

    Marina Meijer

    Ibrahim Mahama in Dear Home of Scars


    Marina Meijer (1987) is a documentary maker and film teacher. Her documentaries are often set in an intimate, defined world such as a cargo ship on the North Sea, a small village in the Brazilian mountain, or a Rotterdam ’transformation centre’ for young men with problems. Her films have premiered at international film festivals such as IDFA, Hotdocs Toronto and Cinéma du Réel. Carrousel (2019) won Best Documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival.