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In 1969 the first message was successfully sent on the internet, heralding a revolution in communication technology. Today, we are on the eve of a new revolution: that of the quantum internet, a fundamentally new way of communicating which relies on the laws of quantum mechanics and is inherently secure, inherently stable and incredibly efficient. This paves the way for applications that haven’t even been thought of yet.


Quantum scientist and former hacker Stephanie Wehner is on a mission to develop the first operational quantum internet network before 2030. A daunting task, which some would even call crazy, but Wehner believes she can do it – not only by writing scientific articles, but simply by building it.


Stephanie Wehner
Sara Kolster
The Netherlands
17 min
Stephanie Wehner is on a mission to be the first person to develop the “ultimate form of communication”: the quantum internet.
Stepanhie Wehner


Stephanie Wehner

Stephanie Wehner (1977) is a former ethical hacker, a cyber security expert and a quantum scientist. She aims to use the mysterious realm of tiny particles, the quantum world, to make our communication networks better, faster, and safer.

Wehner is a leading quantum scientist internationally. Her articles on physics and computer science have been cited over 19,000 times and she seeks to further advance the field of quantum mechanics as an organiser and, in the case of QCRYPT, co-founder of international conferences. After working as a researcher at the National University of Singapore and the California Institute of Technology, Wehner now runs her QuTech team at Delft University of Technology, which is building the quantum internet from the ground up.


  • Former ethical hacker
  • Professor in Quantum Information at Delft University of Technology
  • Director of the European Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), which is developing the blueprint for the Quantum Internet


  • sara kolster

    Sara Kolster

    Sara Kolster is a director and visual designer. She makes films, animations, podcasts and interactive stories in a wide range of media. In 2023 ‘Dead as a Dodo’ was nominated for best youth series at the Cinekid festival. Award winning online animation ‘Why Don’t You Leave?’ was published in 2022 and her short film ‘To the Moon and Back’ premiered at IDFA in 2019. The celebrated ‘When I Was Five’ was released 2017. As an independent filmmaker she realised interactive stories such as the award-winning ‘Virtual Reality Drawing Room’, web documentary ‘Love Radio’, and interactive video ‘Hidden Wounds’.